Sunday, April 27, 2008

Nicole's Tinkerbell Birthday Party

I remember when my little girl was a "little" girl. When she depended on me for everything, when she wasn't so out spoken and independent. I remember when she was my baby girl.

My daughter just had her 6Th birthday party with guest Tinkerbell! I'm constantly reminded how how big and grown up she is getting each year. She has so many friends! How did that happen? How did my little shy girl turn into a outgoing social butterfly?

Tinkerbell did a silly "fairy magic" show and face painting, it was a real hit. We ate mini cupcakes (lots of them, lol) and goldfish crackers. We had 15 girls and everyone seemed to have a great time. Nicole LOVED being a princess on her special day and she LOVED that Tinkerbell was there! We had a blast

setting up

The birthday PRINCESS

All the girls. wow!

Nicole and Tinkerbell

all the kids watching tinkerbell leave


mborrero said...

How adorable!

Juliana said...

How fun to have Tinkerbell at her party! I'm sure she'll remember it for years!

Linda said...

Looks like it was a fun party!

Heather said...

What a fun party! And 15 girls!? Wow! You are very brave!

Erin Campbell-Pope said...

oh wow what a fabulous party. My dd and I are hosting a fairy party this summer. And btw love your header photo. That is so cute!


Unknown said...

what a fabulous party, Kristen.

ani hearts japan said...

That is awesome! My niece would flip over Tinkerbell! What a great party!

mackyton said...

Happy to see this tinker bell birthday party. Would love to have similar theme party for my little daughter who will turn 5 next month. Thinking of having it at one of LA event venues. Would love to use your ideas too for the day.

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