Thursday, March 19, 2009

Girl Scout Cookies for sell!

Okay, so we are done selling cookies. Woohoo! But I had to throw in this picture of Nicole and her friend selling cookies in front of the grocery store. I think they sold about 28 boxes. They were way too cute!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Paper or Plastic?

I saw a scrapbooking layout that I just loved so much. I thought it was so cute I wanted to copy it exactly, but I didn't have the same photos. So, what does a scrapbooker do? I stage photos! Isn't that bad? lol. Here is Nicole in one of the staged photographs. I will also post my layout when it's done. :o)

Paper Addiction

One of the peas from the the boards described me exactly when she said this about her self...

I didn't feel guilty when I was buying all my paper. I told myself I needed it. It's considered supplies. Expendable supplies. Consumables.

I realized I had crossed over into the addiction realm when I couldn't USE a certain particularly beautiful piece of paper because then I wouldn't have it any longer. I tried to tell myself I would still have it, it would just be cut up and put to the use it was intended. I wasn't listening.

I can use plain colored cardstock with wild abandon. But when it comes to my pretty patterns and specialty lines, I really struggle. And when I finally do cut into my pretty pieces, I save every scrap and cut the tiniest pieces into flowers for another project. I just can't throw them away!

Yes, I'm well rooted into the addiction. And I don't really want help getting out. I love my hobby!

My little Girl Scout