Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Scrap Yourself "My Purse"

Another layout for the "Scrapyour self" online class I'm taking. This one is about my purse and all the things I keep in it, lol. The journaling is just below the photo...
My purse

In addition to my love for clothing I also love shoes and purses. While getting ready for this layout I took notes and did some journaling. I realized that I was unaware of a habbit that I have. I seemed to change purse often, usually with I get boared with one particular style. But last night I also realized that I usually move onto a new purse when my current one is too messy. I made a list of items still currently left in my old purses and item that are in my current purse. It made me laugh… expecially since I was recently looking at a very vute pink purse at Target the other day. I guess I better start cleaning out those other purses.

Items in current purse:
One tube mascara
2 tubes lipstick
a very full wallet/organizer
Michael’s coupons
cell phone
4 appointment cards
7 loose crumpled recipts
.44 cents loose change
3 ink pens
mini candy bar wrappers
2 lollipops
Nicole’s name tag from her last field trip
Ticket stubs to Nicole’s school play

Items STILL left in old purses:
Many many receipts!
Appointment cards
Floppy disk
Old Make-up
Loose change
Movie ticketsCandy wrappers

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Karen said...

Is this ever true for me too! Today, I was hunting thru old purses trying to find the piece of paper with my bank password on it,lol. I didn't find it but did find alot of other things,lol.