Thursday, October 9, 2008

Daffodil bites

We have a pet hamster named Daffodil that we share with two other family. Each of the three girls get two weeks with Daffodil and then we trade off. This was Nicole's first turn with Daffodil. We have her for two days. The rule is that Nicole cannot take the hamster out of the cage without asking me first. Well, she broke the rule and took her out. Daffodil bit Nicole, Nicole dropped Daffodil and Daffodil was then loose in Nicole's messy room! I did find the hamster and get her back in her cage, but it was an interesting evening, lol. And we learned a very important lesson... Daffodil bites. Nicole is now crying (she has been for 30 mintues) and saying that Daffodil is a meanie hamster, lol.


Lily said...

now, that's just sad!

Jamie Cox said...

Poor Daffodil and poor Nicole! That is a hard lesson to learn expeically when you waited so long for your turn!