Thursday, March 6, 2008

A spot for Cricket

We live in a apartment and space is limited, so having a scrapbook room of my own is not possible right now. I took a small corner of our bedroom and without meaning to I kind of branched out, lol. It not huge, but it's MY space. I've organized it pretty well and I am able to scrap very comfortably. I'm not done, but here's what I have so far..
I do share the tall bookcase with my husband. It was full of his stuff and like I said earlier I kind of branched out and took over. He now stores some of his PC games and programming books there. It works at well, his computer desk is just behind me to the left so we can program/scrap together.
I love my ribbon jars across the top of my shelf. They add so much color to such a small space. All of my jars are from Ikea. Ikea is awesome :o)

I haven't done anything yet with my Ikea drawers, but those are on my to do list. I'm think of using pinks and greens. I've seen some great things on TwoPeas.
I love, love, love the Cropper Hopper vertical paper storage system. I've used it here on one of my Ikea shelves.

For my acyclic stamps I have used clear CD cases. I still need to label them all.

I planning on adding more stuff and organizing some more, but in the mean time I'm busy scrapbooking :o)

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Anonymous said...

I love your space! I am doing the same thing.... I have a scrap space in our bedroom and have branched out as well :) haha. Your space looks very nice, cozy and organized!