Monday, March 31, 2008

My Baby turned 6!

Where does the time go? People warned me of this. I just can't believe she is this big. Part of me is in awe of how smart, talent, beautiful, funny and sweet she is, I love watching her grow and all the stages she is going through. Part of me wants to keep her little forver. Here are some pic for her family birthday parties and Easter....


Jeremy said...
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~*~Janelle~*~ said...

Happy Birthday Nicole! My "baby" is right on her tail, and I agree with you, it's crazy that they're this old! It's nice in so many ways, so much fun to have a sweet little girl who is a friend, but also kinda sad that they're no longer our little babies anymore.

I love the pictures...I didn't know you got one of all of the kids at Easter...could you email the original to me? I'd really appreciate it, it's VERY cute!

Sorry, I did comment under Jeremy's name, so if you're wondering why there is a deleted comment...wonder no longer! :)