Friday, March 7, 2008

Birthday Canvas

Now that I'm newly married my family has grown, I have twice as many birthday's to remember. I made this a while back. It has everyone's birthday listed with room left over to fill in a few more when needed.

It's a 16x20 canvas covered in black fabric which is stapled to the back. Each month is 4.75x3.75 inches with a 5x4 inch mat behind it. The month titles are made from plain chipboard that I colored with Acrylic Dabbers. The title CELEBRATE is made from a collection of several chipboard letter packs. The papers were all types and were just whatever I had at hand. I also threw in charms, paper clips and such.


Unknown said...

Very Cute!! I manage/teach at my LSS and this qwould make an awesome class idea!!

Karen said...

Hi Kristin! I really like your blog. It's so much fun to see the pics of you all. Mark sure got a talented wife...Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Omg, love this! Just cruised over from 2ps and have had a great time checkin' out your bloggy...I'll definitely stop back in soon! ;)