Monday, October 6, 2008

About Mark...

There’s a meme going around blog world about husbands and I thought it might be kind of fun to answer the questions. For all of you who have no idea what a meme is … in the blogging world, it’s a series of questions that are posted on a blog and other bloggers read them and post their own answers on their own blog. Sometimes you can “tag” others to answer them, but I don’t do that because that reminds me too much of a chain letter.

here we go:

What is his name? Mark Philip

How long have you been married? 1 year 4 months

How long did you date? 3 weeks before he proposed and then we were engaged for a little less than a year.

How old is he? 23

Who eats more sweets? I DO

Who is taller? he is

Who can sing better? Mark can sing MUCH better than I can.

Who does the laundry? lately I do

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? I do

Who mows the lawn? We don't have a lawn

Who cooks dinner? cooks? what's that?

Who pays the bills? Mark does

Who drives? Mark does. I hate driving, it stresses me out

Who is more stubborn? I AM

Who kissed who first? he kissed me first

Who asked who out first? he asked me out

Who proposed? he did (after 3 weeks of dating)

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Cynthia said...

Cute idea for a blog post. Enjoy your newlywed years. Sigh. It's gone before you know it. We're going on year 13 and things are great but there's just something so special about those first few years.